Hey guys! I hope everyone had a blessed and Happy Easter for those of you that celebrate it. If you don’t I hope you had an amazing Sunday! I’ve been furiously working on Bound By Blood trying to get it completed. I shared a little excerpt on my Facebook Page and decided to come and share it here with you as well! Keep in mind this in unedited and may very well change. With that in mind enjoy this little excerpt. If you haven’t read Betrayed By Blood yet don’t miss your chance to read Alex and Kylee’s story. It continues in Bound By Blood! 

Excerpt from Kylee’s point of view: 

An uncontrollable trembling begins in my legs working its way up my torso. Images begin dancing through my mind one by one just as my mother described. Being paraded around to different suitors, which really means auctioned off to the highest bidder. Forced to procreate with him and have his children. My stomach hardens, clenching as I gulp in large breaths trying to shake the awful visions away. Alex’s words from the butterfly observatory float through my mind.

“You’re strong and fierce Kylee, there’s a tiger inside of you, a fierce woman lying dormant waiting to come out. You just have to let her.”

A tiny spark of hope ignites deep down within my soul. It’s as if Mr. Violet Eyes himself has wrapped his arms around me flooding me with strength and courage. His words are like a balm to my battered heart, even if only an echo within my mind. Fire ignites fueling my body and mind flooding my veins, steeling my spine. A sense of calm washes over me as I push my shoulders back sitting taller on the cushion.

Leaning forward a small smile plays at the edges of my lips as I say “No.”

Her eyes grow large for just a moment as shock registers. It’s there but a moment before it’s replaced with a deadly smile. The cold calculating grin that begins to spread across her beautiful face chills me to my very core. Before I can even blink an eye she’s moved, snaking her hand into my hair she thrusts my head forward shoving it down until it’s hovering barely an inch away from the grill.

Copyright Victoria Renteria (2016)

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