The Initial Fall


There was a time when I was an average teenager. That was before I woke up surrounded by white feathers.

Turns out, I'm an angel and didn't know it. Life went from normal to this can't get any worse.

Unable to attend a human college, I'm enrolled in Devinicus University. Angels and demons have their own school, and since I'm now one of the divine, it's time to embrace my calling.

Then I met him—Lucien Anara, grandson of the devil.

He's tall, dark, and cocky. I'm screwed from the first moment I see him. Apparently, I'm not alone.

Lucien invades my dreams. He makes me feel something for him I've never felt for anyone. He tells me he feels it, too. Unfortunately, his actions speak louder than words.

Arranged marriage isn't something I thought I'd have to worry about. Too bad the guy I'm hopelessly in love with is marrying someone else.

A decision needs to be made. I can either watch as Lucien ties himself to someone else for eternity or fight for who's mine.

To reclaim the demon of my dreams, I must strike a deal with the devil. No price is too high to get Lucien by my side where he belongs.